Roland Rolling Over

As a resident of Illinois, I have absolutely nothing against Roland Burris. I found him to be an adequate public servant, if lacking in inspiration and vision, when he served as the state's Comptroller and Attorney General. I just don't want him to be my senator.

And here, I disagree with august personalities like Senator Diane Feinstein and others who feel that the appointment of Burris is completely legit.

Unfortunately, I don't see his appointment as Illinois' junior senator as anything more than a swindle. In fact, the appointment of Roland Burris only makes me think of Bernie Madoff, the $50 billion brains behind the biggest swindle known to man (thus far.)

Now I categorically do not believe Roland Burris is a swindler - not by any stretch of the imagination. When I say that this situation reminds me of Madoff, it's because of people like Senator Feinstein, who feel that Governor Rod Blagojevich's capacity to choose should not be questioned merely because he has not been found guilty of a crime.

He's only been arrested and charged with attempting to sell this very same senate seat to the highest bidder. In fact, he's been caught on tape blustering about the "this golden thing" (the senate seat) and how he needed to get at least half a mil for it.

And that brings me to Bernie Madoff. Now clearly, Madoff has not been found guilty of any crime just yet. But I highly doubt that Senator Feinstein would hand over even a penny of her money for him to invest. Nor would she think his capacity for handing out investment advice should go unquestioned.

And that's why I don't want Burris to be my senator. I don't want anyone representing me who has been appointed by a man who tried very hard to make money off the seat. Obama's former senate seat is indeed a "golden thing," as are all elected positions - they are golden because they represent the will of the people and not money in the bank for a corrupt politician. Burris should never have let his own ambition get in the way of what's best for Illinois. A senator appointed by the "pay-to-play" governor is not in the best interest of the state.


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