Waterboarding is Torture...says Chicago DJ Mancow Muller

Ahhh, Chicago. Broad shouldered, broken nosed, belligerent. Filled with a thirst for confrontation.

Mancow Muller, the nationally syndicated deejay based in Chicago, epitomizes the belligerent version of Chicago masculinity.

Today, he underwent waterboarding during his "free speech radio network" program, thinking he'd prove all the experts wrong - he was going to show that it was not torture at all.

It took less than ten seconds and not quite a gallon of water to make him think otherwise. Though he hated to say it, it was "way worse" than he thought it would be. According to Mancow, waterboarding was "absolutely torture."

Click here to see a video of Mancow's encounter with torture for yourself.

Enjoy the long weekend. Memorial Day, the day of remembrance for all those who've died in the nation's service, is on Monday.


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