This must be the WORST job EVER!

It's called Governor of one of our 50 states.

How else can you explain the mental breakdowns of so many governors in such a short time? It's an issue that surpasses gender and ideological differences.

Let's just take a look...

*Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, forced to resign after quoting Kipling and being caught on tape trying to sell Obama's old senate seat.

*South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who decided to head down to Argentina for some cuddles with his girlfriend - on Father's Day weekend, leaving his wife and children to wonder where he was on that day set aside to celebrate paternity. He will not resign from his position as governor, promising to be working on his marriage, even as he misses the Argentinian woman he calls his "soul mate."

*And of course Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who took advantage of the patriotic feelings stirred up by the 4th of July to announce her resignation. She's apparently been driven mad by the main stream media's silly questions. When she resigned, she mentioned that she's looking at spending a half a million dollars to defend herself from ethics charges that have no grounding in fact. Keeping her head down, plodding along is not an option, though quitting her job is the choice du jour for this governor.

Being a leader in America seems to be a crushing burden for so many these days. For Sarah Palin, her concern for Alaska leaves her to bid adieu to her leadership of that state. A very interesting perspective for a leader to take....


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