Am I dreaming?

The man reluctant to cut his vacation short to help Katrina victims is working with Bill Clinton to help Haitian earthquake victims?

Is this a dream or the transformation of George W. Bush into a philanthropist?

From a story in the Washington Post:

"Bush said that his heart, and that of former first lady Laura Bush, 'are broken when we see the scenes of little children struggling without a mom or a dad or the bodies in the streets.'

He pledged to work alongside Clinton to encourage Americans to dig into their pockets. In the near term, he urged people to avoid donating blankets or other items but to just 'give your cash' to aid organizations that can spend it wisely.

(Just had a flashback to those pallets filled with $12 billion in cash that vanished in Iraq in 2003 - 2004. Is Halliburton involved in anyway with the relief effort?)

Strange that a man who failed to mobilize the FEMA forces during the worst natural disaster to hit America has found himself assisting the victims of another terrible natural disaster. Will it be another "heck of a job?"

More from the Washington Post:

'The Haitian people have got a tough journey, Bush said. "But it's amazing how terrible tragedies can bring out the best of the human spirit ... While that earthquake destroyed a lot, it didn't destroy their spirit."


Ted K said…
I think it wasn't that Bush didn't give a damn, it was he had filled the FEMA with political cronies who had helped him win election and didn't have qualifications or experience for emergency relief efforts. The man is illiterate and we can hardly blame him when roughly 50% of America thought it was wise to vote for a man who couldn't read People magazine from cover to back and promised no taxes and no regulations. In my opinion it is every single person who voted for Bush that owes the Victims of Katrina an apology.

As far as teaming up with Clinton, what other choice did he have when President Obama phoned him???

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