Finding Walker at the intersection of ideology and corruption

With no managerial experience, no college diploma and two drunk driving convictions to his credit, there seems to be little that would recommend Brian Deschane for an $81,500 managerial job in the Wisconsin state government.

Especially in today's politically charged environment, what with Governor Scott Walker looking to shed kazillions from the government budget by slashing education and other social services and going to battle over the state's pension funds for government employees.

So it's a surprise to learn that the anti-big government, "let's trim the budget" governor of Wisconsin has hired Brian Deschane for that $81,500 managerial job.

What's Brian's key qualification? He's the son of a lobbyist who gave big to the Walker campaign.

Think he got this job on his own merits? If you do, I've got some CDOs for you that will without a doubt give you a big return on your investment...


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