North Carolina is what happens when the Tea Party is in charge

The North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) has been exceptionally busy this week. They passed a budget that trashes primary and secondary education - siphons money from public schools to charter schools, offers no raises to teachers (who've been without a raise for years), offers no incentives for teachers to get a masters degree; removes the possibility of tenure from new hires.

And that's just education. And it follows remarks McCrory made earlier in the year about higher education in North Carolina, home to the first public university in the country:
“If you want to take gender studies that’s fine, go to a private school and take it,” McCrory told host Bill Bennett, a former U.S. Secretary of Education. “But I don’t want to subsidize that if that’s not going to get someone a job."

They've just passed one of the most restrictive voter ID bills in recent history (THANK YOU SCOTUS, NOT!)

They've also passed one of the most alarming gun bills in America - allowing guns in schools and on campus (in locked cars), allowing patrons to bring concealed guns into bars, and prohibiting local municipalities from regulating the presence of guns in their parks and on greenways.

More than 900 people have been arrested for peaceably assembling in front of the capital during Moral Mondays. Apparently, the constitutional rights of citizens only matter when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

This is a state that has also made "disturbing" cuts to unemployment benefits.

Of course, the loudmouths in Raleigh keep talking about jobs... but never act to create them. 

One of the first acts of the newly elected Governor earlier this year was to give his cabinet a raise, "so they could afford to live...." 

Unfortunately, McCrory and his cronies are creating a state where only he and his buddies will be able to live. 

More on the actions of NCGA here and here.


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