The parade of penises must stop!

So not only is Anthony Weiner lumbering under an unfortunate moniker, he chose to display his very own weiner for all to ponder on Twitter, of all places. He says he won't resign over this. However, he should be fired for being one of the stupidest people in Congress these days.

Just a few weeks ago, the Terminator's revelation that he fathered a "love child" some years ago with a household employee who just retired after two decades of service to the Schwarzanegger family terminated his marriage to Maria Shriver.

And then the sperm of the head of IMF has been found on the clothing of a cleaning woman at the hotel he was visiting. She's accusing him of sexual assault. He's apparently saying she wanted it. Because all women who clean hotel rooms for a living are eager to suck the dicks of powerful men they've met just prior to scrubbing out the bathtub. Or so the theory goes.

And before all this, we had the US government spending millions to bring us the Starr Report, which, in its quest to uncover the ills of Whitewater, discovered only a semen-stained blue dress. Concurrently, there was Newt Gingrich sneaking around on wife #2 as he loudly chastised his president for the sexual indiscretions with the blue-dress wearing intern. Then there was Senator Larry Craig, the anti-gay crusader who was found tap-tap-tapping his way in a bathroom stall to get him some (male) sexual satisfaction.

And the list goes on and on.

The 24/7 tabloid news media has no shortage of sex scandals of the rich and powerful to share with the world. And that is a huge problem in America. For when we are dealing with significant crises, the men in power are pondering not the problems, but where to stick their penis.

Can't they just keep it zipped up?!


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