Stop the ego trip! Newt's team wants to get off...

Apparently Newt Gingrich's top campaign team members resigned en masse, frustrated to work with a man who'd rather vacation with his wife than hit the campaign trail.

He's alienated the House Republicans by trashing Paul Ryan's "Prosperity" plan. He's alienated those who believe the marriage contract is binding, and not something to be tossed aside (especially when the wife is in the hospital being treated for cancer.) He's alienated working class Republicans with his half million dollar loan from Tiffany's.

And now he's alienated the top tier of his campaign staff.

I myself will never understand the enormity of the Newtonian ego, nor what props it up, seeing as a reality-check would pop it faster than a pin. But what passes for reality on Main Street seems but a strange dream to those in DC. Thus Newt remains a candidate in name only, a man with no hope of winning at all.


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