Rove's astonishing gaffe

Karl Rove says one of the most astonishing things in today's Wall Street Journal. You can read the entire story here.

But check out what he says about Obama's stimulus plan:

"The bill he signs will create a raft of new programs and be the biggest peacetime spending increase in American history, which will give us larger deficits and create pressure to raise taxes." (italics mine)

"The biggest peacetime spending increase...."

Has Karl Rove forgotten we're at war? On two fronts? Because we needed to stop Hussein from blowing us up with all those nukes he had - but when we found out the nukes were figments of the CIA's overactive imagination, we then shifted the purpose of the war to building democracy in a region not known for the love of personal freedoms?

And we're still searching for Bin Laden?

I knew the Bushies were going to offer up some revisionist history for us to digest, but this - wow! Rove's calling us a nation at peace, despite the fact our military is deployed on two fronts.

Then again, he's always been a proponent of the "truth is what I say, not what is true" philosophy of leadership.


Abe said…
I'm not sure whether the DSM IV defines a category of "pathological liar", but it should be clear to anyone who has been paying attention that Carl Rove is not capable of telling the truth.

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