A Thick and Soupy Plot ... the Saga of Roland Burris Continues...

"Scandal Mushrooms" says a headline in today's Chicago Sun-Times. What sounds like a recipe for salmonella-infested fungi is instead the story about how Rod Blagojevich (when still governor) got Roland Burris' son a job prior to the elder Burris' appointment to the senate.

(Sounds like Blagojevich served as an excellent employment agency for the Roland Burrises.)

Roland Burris II (the senator's "mini-me") was facing foreclosure on his own home last summer when he was appointed (and I am not making this up) to a $75,000 job at the Illinois Housing Development Authority.

His home was in foreclosure because he apparently owed (again, I'm not making this up) more than $30,000 to the IRS.

Let's see if we can sum this up neatly...

A governor arrested for trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat then appoints a man who has not only raised money to purchase the seat hosted "fundraisers" for Blago, but whose son owes his job to the high-rolling ex-gov. And owes a bit of back taxes to the feds as well. And as the owner of a foreclosed home, is now working in some capacity at the state's Housing Development Authority.

It is a thick and heavy soup of scandal being served up right now in Illinois!


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